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At Living Faith Covenant Church, you will find a loving, supportive community that accepts you where you are and encourages you to become better. Our faith in God frees us to love every expression of God; you are a unique expression of God.

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Finding God on the Edges

One minister preaches radical inclusivity to spread the message that all are acceptable to God

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"One of the things that same-gender-loving people sometimes don’t fully realize is that when we come out publicly, we force our parents out too. They have to deal with their own community, and they’re often blamed. What did she do that caused both of her children to be gay?"

Bishop Yvette A. Flunder tells her story to Unity Magazine.


Who We Are


LFCC is a radically inclusive, trans-traditional, new thinking and progressive church.

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We assist seekers in developing a personal and intimate relationship with God through Christ Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit.

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We activate our faith to make positive change in the world in which we live through Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, Missions and Fellowship.

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COVID-19 Updates

Considerations for Reopening Our Churches

Considerations for Reopening Our Churches Read more

Recently, the Leadership team at my church met around a reopening plan for our physical worship location.  We brought a plethora of information to the table and was able to pull from a well of great ...

SAMHSA Provides COVID-19 Resources

SAMHSA Provides COVID-19 Resources Read more

We at MCCSA are doing our best to navigate these uncertain times. As we stand together, we will all get through this. We would like to share some resources during this time of social ...

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