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TACL Bible Study

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The Responsibility of the Invite

Scriptural Text: Luke 14:16-17
Background Text: Luke 14:15-24

The parable in our text is often and appropriately utilized to encourage people to evangelize or as an indictment against those who make excuses. What motivates people to evangelize? What motivates people to make excuses? Most people do not have a problem telling other people about a great experience they had at an event. By the same token, people don't usually excuse themselves from events that give them joy. So, in this lesson, let's focus on the feast itself.

The responsibility of the invitation goes beyond the actual invite. It is the responsibility of the planner(s) to ensure that the event to which they are inviting guest is in itself inviting. Even when it is a frequent event, the planners must ensure that each experience is inviting. Thus, variety, "the spice of life," is an essential element. This guards against the unintended devaluation of the event by those who are invited to attend.

Reflection Questions
  1. What are the primary elements that make for a great party/event?
  2. What are the essential elements of a worship service?
  3. What responsibility does the church member have in ensuring that the events of the church are inviting?
Discipleship Task

Determine two commitments you will make to ensure that our worship services are inviting. Find an accountability partner that will hold you accountable to your commitment.

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