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TACL Bible Study

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The Responsibility of the Invite

Scriptural Text: Luke 14:16-17
Background Text: Luke 14:15-24

We've studied at least two major characters in this lesson so far. We've considered the original invitees to the party and how they began to make excuses for not attending. We've studied the master of the feast and the responsibility of ensuring that the event is inviting to the guest. This week let's focus on the servants who were tasked with extending the invitation, both to the original guest and then to the people on the streets and in the lanes. They had a responsibility to find individuals to invite to enjoy the feast. The question I want us to consider is, what was their motivation for extending the invitation?

What motivates you invite someone to come to church with you? Some may do it out of obedience. Others may do it out of gratitude. Even others may do it out of pride. The motivation of the invitation is key to whether or not the invitation is extended and how it is delivered. In this lesson, we will explore both the responsibility and the motivation for evangelism.

Reflection Questions
  1. Why do I not invite more people to visit my church?
  2. What do I love about my church?
  3. Who (or what type of person) would also benefit from what I love about my church?
Discipleship Task

Commit to extending an invitation to 10 people to visit your church this week. Keep a log of the date you invited the person, their contact information and how you know them. The 10 people can include people you have just met or long-time friends; it does not matter. Whether they accept the invitation or not is not the goal; the goal is extending the invitation.

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