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The Blessing and Pain in goodbye!

The Blessing and Pain in goodbye!

The most beautiful, spiritual, and terrifying experience was in that very next few seconds, I gave up and put away my tools. I heard this scripture, Isaiah 6:1a states that in the year of King Uzziah’s death Isaiah saw the Lord. I don’t understand it completely but it seems to be a truism nonetheless, things have to die before there can be new life. I must admit that this transition has been scary but full of life. Scary because I have to cut ties with what is familiar and comfortable. Scary because there is no real evidence of this “new.” Scary because before reaching the new I am stuck in what seems like a void of nothing. Scary because my mind was limited in thought and my ability to see beyond that present experience. Scary because I didn’t want to go through the process of grieving and letting go. Finally, it was terrifying because my hiding place was gone, leaving me alone to deal with my issues and fears concerning abandonment.

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Harmony at the Plano Art Gallery

Harmony at the Plano Art Gallery

To the members of LFCC she is known as Minister Shantae Q. Moore, but to the Art World she is creating a name for herself as Harmony Ekundayo.  On February 22, Minister Moore was one of the featured artist at the Plano Arts Association’s gallery run by Ms. Talley Williams. Showing two of her works, Moore shared her story of overcoming the discouragement of others and persisting in her drawing. The payoff for her commitment to her craft began that day—her first professional showing at a public art gallery.
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