Our History

In The Beginning

In 1999, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Alex D. Byrd returned to Dallas, TX from Austin, TX with the intention of establishing a church organization that would provide an environment to implement the concept of Relational Christianity. After much prayer and years of scriptural research, it was his conclusion that the desire and heart of God was to be in an intimate relationship with God’s creation. Consequently, he began rethinking scripture and theological arguments through the lense of relationships. Identifying four main focuses of relationships, the Church of the Full Covenant (COFC) was established to be the covering organization for churches and ministries committed to teaching others that the quality of their relationship with God was directly related to their relationship with themselves, with other people, and with the environment as well as with God.

Shortly after founding the Church of the Full Covenant, Rev. Byrd embarked on establishing a local congregation in Dallas, TX. He conducted interviews with individuals in the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, establishing the focus of the initial phase of the congregation. These interviews were conducted while holding a weekly bible study through COFC called Taking a Closer Look. By doing so, interviewees were able to be exposed to the theological perspective of Relational Christianity.

On May 19, 2000, the initial organizational meeting for what was to become Living Faith Church of the Full Covenant was held. Ten individuals, besides Rev. Byrd answered the call and became the founders of the church: Minister Tuan N’Gai, Christopher Bolden-Newsome, David Evans, Rev. Freedom K. D. Gulley, Quinn Jenkins, Gerald McDaniel, Alan K. Moore, Dralon Porter, Paul Roberts and Sharon Wright.

On August 6, 2000, Living Faith Church of the Full Covenant held its first service at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in the Market Center area of Dallas. There were about 30 people in attendance. Pastor Byrd preached the inaugural sermon, “The Value of Damaged Goods.” Services were held the first Sunday of each month thereafter until the membership grow to a critical mass.

The Nomadic Period

In 2003, the Executive Board of Living Faith Church of the Full Covenant moved to declare the church an independent ministry of COFC. The name was changed to Living Faith Covenant Church, Inc. and the articles of incorporation were filed with the State of Texas.

Living Faith was a nomadic ministry.  Beginning at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel and following a trek that would move us to the Resource Center of Dallas, to Friends Church on Commonwealth, back to the Resource Center, then to Sanctuary of Love in the alley, to Promise Worship and Community Center and then back to the Resource Center of Dallas.  During that time, Pastor Byrd's focus was to establish the people of the church above establishing the building of the church.  Emphasis was placed on spiritual education and renewal.  Continuing the Taking A Closer Look Bible Study originally began as Church of the Full Covenant, many ministries began to form within the church.  Also, Living Faith continued to maintain an external presence in the community by attending local LGBT events and participating in the community in tangible ways.  Pastor Byrd has assisted in organizing and overseeing the development of many of the current leading LGBT/SGL community organizations.  It was nothing for him and other members of the church to show up in the night clubs wearing their clergy collars.  It was his view that there needed to be a visible representation of God and the church reaching out to the community.

In 2012, Pastor Byrd was led by the Holy Spirit to appoint Rev. Marvin T. Roberts as co-pastor. Pastor Byrd recalls God instructions as a means to balance Pastor Byrd’s nurturing nature with Pastor Robert’s administrative and development skill. Rev. Robert’s accepted and was installed as the Co-Pastor by Bishop Yvette A. Flunder. The following year, Pastor Byrd was consecrated to the Bishopric by the College of Affirming Bishops and Faith Leaders to serve as the Regional Bishop for the South in The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries (TFAM). Again, Bishop Flunder was the chief consecrator.

December of 2013 marked the end of the nomadic period. This is the month we purchased our first building on 3403 Shelly Blvd, Dallas, TX 75211. This purchase was replete with the favor of God. From the building's list price of $400K dropping to more than half by the time we purchased it, to the green cushioned chairs which God prepared for us before our first worship service; we viewed these signs as God's confirmation that we were doing God's will.

New Vision New Victories

For the next couple of years the church continued to grow as the Lord added to the church. On May 13, 2016, Bishop Byrd called the Executive Board for a special meeting.  He stated that it was a proud accomplishment of his to had given birth to this great ministry. As the Senior Founder, he have poured over 15 years of his life into it. However, he sensed the Holy Spirit moving him in another direction. Therefore, he submitted his resignation as Co-Pastor of the Living Faith Covenant Church. His resignation was effective on June 1, 2016 and did not include his membership or his role as the bishop assigned to oversee LFCC. Because this was a co-pastor’s resignation, the role of Senior Pastor fell to the remaining co-pastor, Evangelist Marvin T. Roberts.

Pastor Roberts became the senior pastor on June 3, 2016. Living Faith, as a body, expressed its confidence, that the church will not only continue, but also that it would flourish because of the transition. The church is complete with gifts, callings and anointings that far exceed anything that we have ever experienced.  With Pastor Roberts as senior pastor, Living Faith stepped up to the plate and walked in those callings, submitted to the will of God and the vision and leadership of the faith community.

Look at Us Now

After prayerful consideration, Pastor Roberts in August 2018 extended to Bishop Byrd an invitation to join him again as Co-Pastor. Bishop Byrd initially declined the invitation. However, during a 3-month sabbatical, Bishop Byrd heard from God that he should accept the invitation. Pastor Roberts would maintain his status as the visionary for LFCC, but he and Bishop Byrd would co-pastor as Visionary Co-pastor and Executive  Co-pastor respectively.

This year we celebrate 22 years in ministry and the distinction of being the longest standing predominately African-American affirming ministry in the DFW Metroplex. We continue to do great things for the cause of Christ.  We believe that we are powerful people with a mission – to assist seekers in developing an intimate and personal relationship with God.