Our Mission

To assist seekers in developing a personal and intimate relationship with God
through Christ Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Purpose Statement

As faithful stewards and valiant warriors, the members of Living Faith Covenant Church shall develop an environment where health and empowerment are possible and enjoyed by all. By activating our faith in God through Jesus Christ, we shall move forward to affect positive change in the world in which we live.

Vision Statement

At Living Faith, we envision a world where God is glorified, praised and worshiped; relationships are strong and established on trust and commitment; love and respect are the primary driving forces of all behavior; differences are the stepping stones to stronger communities and not the stumbling blocks; and faith is a living force that produces good for all.

Ministry Philosophy

Because Jesus the Christ has met all of our obligations under the old covenant and has ushered in a new covenant written in the heart of humankind, we are free to have a personal relationship with God, guided by the Holy Spirit; to love God and love all of God's creation without reservation; to fulfill our responsibilities to our families, friends, communities, and ourselves; and to be good stewards of all that God has placed into our care.

What Do We Do


We spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ which brings liberation to all.
"Speaking the Gospel"


We expand the Kingdom of God in our communities.
"Doing the Gospel"


We create an environment where spiritual growth is cultivated.
"Facilitating spiritual growth"


We experience exciting encounters with God.
"Perceiving God's self-revelation"


We support the work of kingdom expansion in the spirit of excellence.
"Facilitating ministry"


We provide the support needed to overcome the world as it exists.
"Revealing ourselves to each other"