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At Living Faith Covenant Church, you will find a loving, supportive community that accepts you where you are and encourages you to become better. Our faith in God frees us to love every expression of God; you are a unique expression of God.

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Youth Pastor Dee Holley

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Meet our Youth Pastor Dee Holley. She is a soft-spoken fireball who has recently accepted her call into ministry. She has served LFCC faithfully as a deacon, Sr. Deacon, Elder, Minister and now Youth Pastor for over 6 years. She is dedicated to God and God's people, displaying it through her teaching gifts.


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Miracles, Signs and Wonders

Theme for 2023

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In his State of the Church address in 2022, our visionary pastor, Evangelist Marvin T. Roberts announced that our theme for 2023 would be Miracles, Signs and Wonders. He shared with us that the theme came from a conversation with our Presiding Prelate, Bishop Yvette Flunder, who in a conversation with him shared that it would be the theme for TFAM conference biennial. "When she said it, it registered in my spirit and I know that it was the theme for LFCC."


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